Protect Your Home or Premises

Security screens are an important line of defence for any home or business. Therefore, it is important that you invest in top quality products. That is why the team at Ipswich Security Screens always recommends Crimsafe security screens.

Crimsafe security screens are, in our opinion, the best on the market. They are made from a woven steel mesh, one of the latest technological developments in the security industry. Ipswich Security Screens is an accredited manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe products.

We custom make Crimsafe security screens in our own factory in order to fit all types and sizes of windows.

This customisation is another way that our team can ensure that we are providing you with top quality products and superior customer service. Importantly, we want you to have the best possible security measures in place in your home and your business.

However, the benefits of Crimsafe security screens extend beyond improving your security.

Our customised Crimsafe security screens are a particularly stylish product. The mesh doesn’t detract from a property’s appearance as bars and grilles do. So, improving the security of a building without impacting on its appeal certainly adds value to that property.

Crimsafe security screens allow a lot of natural light to flood the interior of a home or business. No sight lines are impeded by bars, allowing for an improved view from all windows.

Another important benefit is that Crimsafe security screens result in improved energy efficiency. Your home will lose less heat during winter, and retain less in the summer. It is very likely that once we have installed Crimsafe security screens for you, you will notice a decrease in your power bill.