No matter where you’re located, the importance of investing in reliable security window and doors for your home or business is indisputable. Although Ipswich can be a fantastic spot to live or work, no place is ever truly safe from break-ins. So, in order to have peace of mind and make sure your loved ones and belongings are safe, you need to trust in the quality of your screen doors.

Crimsafe takes the uncertainty out of the process of shopping for the best security screen. These products provide the ultimate protection from intruders and other potential threats, with tested and proven results that blow their competitors out of the water. And thanks to trustworthy suppliers like Securelux, you have reliable installers just around the corner. 

Securelux – Your #1 Supplier

If you’re unsure whether Securelux is the best choice for purchasing and installing a Crimsafe door in Ipswich, just ask the satisfied customer base they’ve been building up for the past 40 years. With their well-earned status as a leading Crimsafe supplier, Securelux have established themselves as qualified and accredited manufactures of genuine Crimsafe security doors

From their Brisbane based factory, Securelux use high quality Crimsafe certified materials to create custom screens for every home and budget. From the front door to the back, and every window in between, you can trust this experienced team to get the job done right. Instead of contract fitters, they only hire responsible employees who uphold the company values with friendliness, transparency and attention to detail.

Crimsafe – Your #1 Security Screen

The benefits of installing a Crimsafe security door include increased safety, improved energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetic appeal and lower maintenance costs. Due to the state-of-the-art screw clamp technology of Crimsafe screens, they have proven impervious to break-in attempts via knives or jemmying. 

In fact, Crimsafe’s 304 structural grade stainless steel screens exceed the impact threshold of Australian standards altogether. When tested against the stricter European RC2 test, their Tensile-Tuff 0.9mm mesh proves able to withstand multiple impacts of 550 joules, with the Crimsafe Heavy-Duty screens withstanding a whooping 1200 joules!

Their reinforced frames and tamperproof locks make Crimsafe screens superior to competing products, but their numerous other benefits can’t be denied. Without bars or grilles, your views remain undisturbed, your property’s visual appeal is enhanced and your home maintenance is kept to a minimum. Thick mesh ensures energy-saving insulation, and long-term testing against corrosion proves that Crimsafe screens are the smartest long-term investment.

Sizing, Colours and Installation

Choosing the right size Crimsafe products for your door or window is simple with Securelux. The expert team can install Crimsafe security screens on all kinds of doors and windows, such as fixed, hinged and sliding, French and stacking, emergency exits and patio enclosures. They even offer more than 46 colour combinations with standard, woodgrain or powder-coated options to suit any home.

Securelux work diligently to ensure a speedy process from measurement to custom manufacture and installation. However, this doesn’t mean any corners will be cut. With responsible and communicative staff, you can rest assured that all factors will be taken into consideration for your window and door installation, including timing, style preferences and climate conditions. 

Unlike some contractors, this team will always work around your schedule, turn up on time, and respect your property. And when the installation is complete, they’re happy to carry out all necessary safety and functionality tests before talking you through the post-installation care and maintenance requirements if necessary.

Securing Your Home in Ipswich

If you’re looking for the best screens in Ipswich, Crimsafe offers much more than just home security. With screens that enhance the look of your home, protect against extreme weather, and even help you to save on your energy bills, it’s no wonder Crimsafe is the leading supplier of security screens in Australia. 

So, when it comes to protecting your home or business in style, Securelux is the company to call. For properties across Ipswich, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, it’s never been easier to arrange installation at your convenience. You can contact Securelux on 1300 11 51 51 to talk to the friendly team about Crimsafe doors and installation services. 

Securelux believe that home security should be accessible to everyone, regardless of finances, so they have services to suit any budget or security needs. You can arrange a free measure and quote today just by calling or filling out their online form. Don’t settle for anything less than the best security for your property. Choose Crimsafe for the ultimate in home protection.