Unfortunately, no matter where we live, there’s always a slight chance of burglars and intruders trying to invade our home. However, we can’t afford to worry about this possibility 24/7, or we’d never get anything done!

The best we can do is make sure our doors and windows are protected with the most reliable security screens we can find.

And that’s where Crimsafe comes in. When protecting your possessions and loved ones from unwanted visitors, nothing assures peace of mind quite like the strongest screen on the market. Crimsafe security screens live up to this title with tested and proven results, providing Australian households all over the country with more benefits than any other screen doors available! They’re also the number one choice for business owners who wish to keep their worksites as safe and secure as possible.

What makes Crimsafe the #1 choice for home security?

Crimsafe designs and manufactures security screens that are made to withstand even the most determined burglar or intruder. They are leaders in the industry and have pioneered the most current technology – a thick stainless steel mesh screen and frame that work together to resist everything from high impacts to bushfire heat!

In fact, the Crimsafe security door actually exceeds the Australian standard altogether. That’s why they turned to the tougher European RC2 tests, to really demonstrate what their products are made of.

Below are some of the most compelling results:

Anti-break-in technology

One of the things Crimsafe is most proud of is their patented screw clamp technology. This clamps the mesh to the frame in a vice like grip, making it resistant to jemmying, knife attacks and high impacts.

Thanks to their stringent testing, we can say with certainty that Crimsafe mesh is able to withstand a far greater impact than any burglar could muster. With the average Australian male in mind, these screens can handle more than four times the power of kicks, punches, or charges. And as for high-crime areas or particularly vulnerable buildings, Crimsafe ultimate offers even thicker structural grade mesh.

Weather and rust protection

In addition to its strength and durability, Crimsafe also has a number of other features that make it the best security screen on the market. These include proven protection against all kinds of severe weather and resistance to rust.

Testing has shown Crimsafe screens can not only reduce radiant heat and prevent the spread of flames during a fire, but also protect your windows and doors from embers and debris. This is true when it comes to storms and cyclones as well. And if you need to exit your home during extreme weather conditions, Crimsafe’s Safe S Cape allows their screens to be opened from the inside without a key. This ensures no one is ever trapped indoors in dangerous situations.

They have also been tested against long-term exposure to sea spray and other harsh environments. Proving themselves corrosion resistant for over a decade, they will have no trouble retaining their aesthetic and functional integrity for the duration of a ten year warranty.

Energy efficiency

All Crimsafe screens are coated with a special UV resistant coating that helps to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. While households without specialised screens can lose up to 40% of their heat during winter and gain up to 87% more heat during summer, the Window Energy Rating Scheme has found that Crimsafe products improve energy efficiency by as much as 53%.

For those of us who want to save on our energy bills, this increase can’t be underestimated! And on top of all this, you also get reliable insect resistance, and attractive screens with no bars or grilles to disrupt your views.

Where can I get Crimsafe security screens near me?

If you’re looking for the best security screen on the market, then Crimsafe is the obvious choice. And if you live anywhere around the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast area, Securelux has you covered! Don’t settle for contractors who might sell you counterfeit products – at Securelux, we’re a caring family-run business who’ve been servicing the community for almost 40 years!

We’re fully authorised to manufacture and install Crimsafe products, right here in our Brisbane factory. So, for windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, you can rely on our custom-made security screens. And with our very own team of fitters who uphold our family values, we’re known for our friendly and helpful customer service. Not to mention the free measure and quote we offer! So, if you want the very best home protection on the market, just get in touch! You can call us on 1300 11 51 51, or fill out our online quote form to find out more about our products and services.