There are a number of reasons why someone might wonder if installing security screens is really necessary. You might have a great view from one of your windows so you don’t want to spoil it with grilles or aluminium meshs. You may be removing some old perforated aluminium screens and wondering if you need to spend the money to replace them. Or you might just live in a very low-crime area. 

Unfortunately, it’s a sad truth that no matter where you live, there’s always a risk of break-ins and theft. But when it comes to your loved ones, pets and valued possessions, no one should have to take that risk. Here are just a few of the reasons why installing security screens for your windows is not only necessary, but highly beneficial for your household. 

Advantages of installing window security screens

If you’d like to protect your home, installing the right screens will give you numerous advantages. Quality security screens for windows and doors are designed to provide an additional layer of defence, preventing unwanted access and acting as a deterrent to burglars. Ideally, they’re made from strong, durable materials such as thick steel, which allows them to withstand all kinds of forced entry attempts. 

But aside from keeping your home secure, they also offer protection against various hazards. This could include preventing your children from falling out of windows or keeping your pets inside, all while maintaining proper ventilation and allowing natural light to filter into the home. On top of all this, they’re also fly screens, with insulative qualities that can even save you money on your energy bills!

Crimsafe – the only security screen you need

These days, criminals are well-versed in the vulnerabilities of outdated security screens, but Crimsafe are still far ahead of the game. Like Amplimesh security screens, Crimsafe are regarded as industry leaders, but where Crimsafe really excels is in their innovative design features. Made with marine grade stainless steel and a unique Screw-Clamp system, these products are virtually impossible to break into via knife attack, jemmying, or strong impacts.

The way their stainless steel mesh is clamped into the frame eliminates the need for bars or grilles. This means they can be installed on any window – including fixed, hinged/casement, or sliding windows – without affecting your views. Available in a variety of colours, they blend seamlessly into your household and assist in boosting your curb appeal. Not to mention, they’ve been rigorously tested against Australia’s extreme and unpredictable weather, proving to be effective protection against cyclones, falling debris, and the radiant heat of bushfires.

Who to call for reliable and affordable installation 

Securelux is a reputable provider of Crimsafe security screens and security doors, with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Not only do they install security screens affordably, but their reliance on skilled employees instead of contractors ensures a straightforward, stress-free and satisfying installation. This team of trained professionals will assist you every step of the way, selecting the right door and window screens for your property, and making sure you get genuine Crimsafe products in perfect custom sizes.

In a world where security screens for windows are very much necessary, Securelux offers peace of mind. Their high quality security screens doors, shutters, and home security guidance is specifically tailored to your needs, whatever they may be. Offering a range of products to suit various security levels, this team has you covered. So you can leave your windows open, but not your home. 

Don’t compromise on your property’s security—install Crimsafe window security screens and experience all the benefits they provide. If you live in the greater Brisbane & Gold Coast area, Securelux is just around the corner. Call 1300 11 51 51 to speak to the friendly team today, or fill out an online form for a free quote.